Waterproof BomBag

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You're blazing down a hill at 55 mph, rain and wind slapping you in the face like the jealous girlfriend you never had, your companion hopefully still behind you within earshot... 

You're a lean, mean, Tour de France missionary machine.

Everything you need to spread the good word is strapped to your back as the mighty rains of Noah pound down all around you.

But are you worried about your scriptures, iPad, or that unbreakable white handbook getting completely drenched?

Of course not.

You have a BomBag.

Temptation proof.

And made for a missionary that wants style and speed. 

Lining Material: Polyester

Main Material: Denim
Rain Cover: No
Capacity: 20-35 Litre
Technics: Waterproof
Backpack Measurement: L30cm* W14cm* H45CM/11.81"*5.5"*17.72
Laptop Bag Color: Dark Grey, Light Gray, Black
Laptop compartment size: L25.5cm/10.04"*H37cm/14.57"



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