April 2022 General Conference Saturday Morning Thoughts

Hey friends! Time for my semi-annual General Conference thoughts and musings. Please take them for what they are worth...

I loved how President Nelson came out with both guns blazing! “The gospel of Jesus Christ has never been needed more than it is today….The Gospel is the ONLY enduring answer" to conflict and unrest. The world needs that peace!
I love the “reaffirmation” of missionary service. My mission was a beautiful, growing experience for me. Rarely does a week go by that I don’t think of it. Like Pres. Ballard “My mission is where I came to know that my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me…My missionary service prepared me to be a better husband and father and to be successful in business. It also prepared me for a lifetime of service in the Lord’s Church.”
And Pres. Ballard and I now have something in common…both of us with less than ideal left eyes… 🙂
Oh, and the average age of the first two speakers? 95!
Reyna Aburto is a true woman of God! Her story and testimony is so powerful and inspiring. Is it ok to admit that she’s one of my favorites?
Confession time! I actually love when people who can't sing well sing out loud in Sacrament Meeting or seminary. I’ve always preached that if you can’t sing good, sing loud! Elder Bednar’s admission that he doesn’t sing well but loves to sing anyway is so refreshing! We actually sang “Let Us All Press On” in my seminary class on Friday. The words to that song have always stirred my soul. It’s probably my most marked up hymn in my Gospel Library.
Oftentimes during conference, I scroll Twitter looking for quotes that I may have missed. In the midst of many things that are good, there’s a lot of angry and sardonic trolls deriding with their “secular scoffing” who twist the words of prophets to fit their own agendas. Lots of “derision” indeed! Simply put…”(I) will heed not what the wicked may say…" Our covenant connection with God and Jesus Christ is the channel through which we can receive the capacity and strength to heed not. 

Hold fast, press on, heed not!
Speaking of that, PREACH, Elder Andersen! PREACH! I love the platform of social media to share goodness, but I am often discouraged because all the negative things seem to go viral a lot faster than those that share good. "By the shield of our faith in Jesus Christ, we become peacemakers, quenching, meaning to calm, cool or extinguish, all the fiery darts of the adversary." Peacemakers are never passive, but strive to be persuasive in the Savior’s way.
"We don't eradicate evil with more evil" - Reverend Amos Brown - a true peacemaker!
Boundary lines can exist without becoming battle lines. What a great message. Just because you stand for something doesn't mean it needs to be a battle.
Elder Gavarret’s testimony and stories about the Sabbath Day were classic! “How do we know that our heart is changing? When we want to please God in all things.” Lord, I give you my heart…I have nothing more to give you!
Loved Elder Kacher’s words - Faith is not static--it can go up and down based on the challenges we have. But “stumbling blocks can become stepping stones" Even when our faith is weak, the Lord’s hand will always be stretched out.
"Each of us, wherever we are, knows that we live in increasingly perilous times. My prayer is that I might help you stand steady in the storms we face, with a peaceful heart." Always loved me some good Helaman 5:12 references! Thank you, Pres. Eyring!