The BOM Story!

Meet the owners - Derek and Rochelle Crimin!

Derek has taught seminary and institute with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over 20 years all over Davis County in Utah and has also taught with the program formerly known as EFY for 13 years. He loves teaching and thinks the youth today are pretty dang awesome!

Derek’s obsession with matching accessories…ties, watches, rings, belts, and of course, SOCKS - led them to BomSocks, which they have owned since November of 2018.

Rochelle is Derek’s amazingly beautiful wife and they were married in 1996 in the Ogden UT Temple! They have 6 crazy awesome “Crimlets” ranging from two girls (ages 22 and 20) and 4 boys (ages 17, 14, 14 (yes, twins), and 12.  They live in Clinton, UT.  She loves to experiment with recipes and makes amazing food. Her homemade cookies are the stuff of legend!  She has a passion for learning and is constantly picking up new skills to help everyone who knows her to become better.

Together, they are the team behind the BOMSocks brand! Derek does all of the designing, marketing, and social media posts while Rochelle keeps things legal with all the bookkeeping, organization, and other “businessy” stuff - allowing them to be a creative duo rivaling the likes of Lennon & McCartney, Stockton & Malone, and Bacon &…well, most everything…

They are building BOMSocks into an empire devoted to sharing the goodness of the gospel of Jesus Christ through their unique products and services. Thanks to all who are helping them gather Israel….one foot at a time!