The Bom Story


Man Cave. Mesa, Arizona

June 1st, 2015, 11:17PM 

Within a dark black room, lit only by the 55 inch flat screen -- upon which a ferocious game of Call of Duty is being played -- is the setting for what some have called "The Most Ground-Breaking Innovation in The Last 100 Years".

The room smells of feet and pepperoni, with pizza boxes littering the floor. During a respawn, a conversation blossoms. A conversation which would change the world. The two friends arehit with an insight...

The world is evolving, endlessly racing to keep up with the advancing technology. Cars and vacuums are now driving themselves. There's 3D printing. You can print food, parts for NASA, or even print a building. Rockets are being launched into space...then landed back on earth...then launched back into space.

We're here. It's the future.

Just a week earlier the two friends had strolled into church and noticed a promising young man's socks. They were plain... They were boring... Something his grandpa probably passed down to him. The two looked down at their very own feet. GASP. They too had been lulled asleep by sock conformity. It was with this realization, under the light of COD and the smell of Hungry Howies Pizza...

BomSocks was born.

Its time had come. Gone forever were the days of boring socks or lame churchy designs.

BomSocks is ushering in the dispensation of fashionable gift giving. Gifts for missionaries, recent converts and investigators, young men and young women, babies, old people, or even your future-yet-unborn-children.

Welcome home. We love you.



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