April 2023 Saturday Evening Thoughts

The humility joke was a funny way to start off Saturday evening’s session.  Well played, Elder Bragg!  Our church meetings always need a good John Wooden quote…“Be a good man in a storm”.  Oh, that we could all learn how to “play with poise” in this life.  Spiritual poise allows us to focus on what matters most, especially when we're under pressure.   Balance, steadiness, and calm in the face of the storms…of which Christ was a perfect example.  Add “poised” to the list of Christlike attributes to work towards.


Jesus Christ is the solution to even our most difficult problems, which includes death, pain, spiritual death, and our limited imperfect natures - all of which are pretty big problems.  Don't focus so hard on your problems that you can't see the solution.  "The more we focus on Jesus Christ, the more sin loses its appeal."  Thanks you, Elder Camargo.


Elder Nattress’ daughter’s cute post-it note “Dad, Remember to Love me.”  “I testify that our Heavenly Father always remembers us and loves us perfectly.”.  His miraculous story about Danny (a modern day Alma the Younger) was so hopeful.  "Danny wasn’t lost, and neither are we to the Lord. He stands at the door to lift us, to strengthen us, and to forgive us. He always remembers to love us."


Note: I hope Elder Nattress’ business was a Mattress company.  C’mon, you know thought the same thing…😂


The Good, Great, Beautiful, Magnificent, and the Only True Shepherd.   I will definitely add those definitions to my list of favorite titles of Jesus Christ.  I loved Elder Uceda’s passionate telling of the the “3-in-1” parable of the lost in Luke 15.  It’s always about the ONE, and to Jesus - we are NEVER lost.


Short meeting, but packed with all kinds of goodness!