April 2024 Saturday Evening Session Thoughts

Elder Renlund looked great conducting this session.

The choir (decked out in UVU green) did a beautiful job with the rarely sung Hymn #286 “Oh What Songs of the Heart”

Always love listening to Elder Shayne M. Bowen.  His is a great storyteller and teacher of true doctrine.  A crazy story of being arrested on his mission combined with holding on to promises from his Patriarchal Blessing.  Lots of miraculous experiences combined with prayers and blessings. "I testify that miracles have not ceased, angels are among us and the heavens are truly open."

Second talk today about how amazing the youth of the Church are and how crucial they are in the gathering.  So grateful to have a missionary son out there right now involved in the great gathering. “During your pre-mortal life you developed your identity…blessed with the gift of agency…and you made important decisions.”  Such a great message for a group who the world is bombarding with a major identity crisis.  And I love that Elder Bangerter loves to follow the prophet @russellmnelson on Instagram. 

“Protect the private teams of your life” - Elder Bangerter’s father.  What a powerful phrase.  I have a strong testimony of this and I’m always seeking to improve on this!

Make that the THIRD talk today to the youth today.  Always love me a good David and Goliath story.  “While David only used one stone to kill Goliath, he came prepared with five."  What are the 5 smooth stones that David took with him to battle?  I remember a similar talk given by Thomas S. Manson years ago - and Sister Andrea Muniz Spannaus put a fresh coat of 2024 paint on it with the stones of..1) love for God, 2) faith in the Savior Jesus Christ, 3) knowledge of our true identify, 4) daily repentance, & 5) access to God’s power.  I’ve already linked her words to 1 Samuel 17:40 in my scriptures.

AH, Peaches - yes…Twitter/X was blowing up with so many Jack Black memes during Elder Matthew L. Carpenter’s talk.  Covenants preserve so that the fruit that we produce will remain.  So grateful that Rochelle and I sealed our marriage almost 28 years ago - both lateral and vertical bonds.  We are constantly working to preserve that sealing…and we both take that seriously!

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of hope.”

Always love a Dieter F. Uchtdorf aviation metaphor - it’s been a minute!  Milton Wright taught such a powerful lesson, by encouraging his son “Higher, Orville, higher!”  Is it just me, or does Elder Uchtdorf speak about happiness and joy A LOT!  Higher and profound joy and happiness can be found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, than in any other pursuit.  Godly joy is eternal because God is eternal…only His joy is perpetual.

"We rarely find something we are not looking for. Are we looking for eternal joy?" 

What the world can’t seem to figure out was taught simply in just under 90 minutes on a Saturday night!

And it was SO cool to hear such a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace in an LDS General Conference!  Hope it’s in our new hymnbook!

And yes, the brisket was awesome…combined with some dang good homemade Mac-n-cheese and some Momma Crimin cookies.  Our food choices are most definitely higher and holier around here!

See you tomorrow morning!