April 2024 Sunday Afternoon Session Thoughts

Are we getting a sneak peek of some new hymns???   Just a thought

Love seeing the Apostles conducting Conference.

“God’s plan of redemption constitutes a universal opportunity for all His children, whenever and wherever they may have lived on the earth.”  What a great way for Elder Christofferson to start off this session!  I love the doctrinal understanding that our leaders are providing lately to the three degrees of glory and the Plan.  "Being valiant [in the testimony of Jesus] also suggests being open and public about one’s witness.”  I’m sure trying in my own clumsy, unfiltered way.  What a beautiful story about a humble, valiant family who kept their eyes on eternity rather than becoming easily offended.  And it affected generations.  THAT is what it means to “Think Celestial”.

Call, Don’t Fall. Cool and instructive phrase!  Knowing that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father should be enough that we will want to call so we won’t fall.  When we do that, miracles happen…like unexpected gifts of a puppy as a wedding gift.  Great story from Elder Taylor Godoy!

“Don’t Forget to Pray” references: 2

Elder Stevenson’s analogy of bridging the TWO great commandments was brilliant. “Love of the Lord is not complete if we neglect our neighbors.”  And vice-versa. “There is an important interdependency between loving the Lord and loving one another.”  Both need attention in our lives.  Both of those enable us to bear the weight of this world and there is a reason why the Lord put them in that order.

Mathias Held’s talk on choices and growth is so good.  We literally have the ability to choose.  We are agents, not objects. “We can always choose to receive comfort through the divine process of repentance, make wrong things right again, and in doing so, learn some life-changing lessons.”   We would not be able to appreciate joy if we had not experienced sorrow at one time.  Again, "It is our attitudes and choices that define us much better than our challenges."  Such a relevant message.

“Doubt not, fear not” references:  At least 2

I LOVE going to the temple and seeing temple workers much younger than me!  The knowledge and power of God is expanding. The veil o're the earth is beginning to burst! 🔥 ..and it’s happening through the building of so many temples!   “In His house, we are literally endowed with heavenly power.”  To any who know someone who has fallen away from the restored gospel?  “My counsel to you is, do not despair!  All is well.  For with God, nothing is impossible."  And connected to Him through temple covenants makes that even more of a reality.  Having angels keep charge over us sure is a nice bonus as well!

Pray that the pathways to more temples being built can be opened.   What a cool challenge!

I think the "in coming days" quote from Pres. Nelson has been shared in every single General Conference since it was given in 2018. The Lord really wants us to take this seriously.

This is the only dispensation that will not end in apostasy.  Recently released SS President Mark L. Pace pointed out that having the scriptures (particularly The Book of Mormon) so readily available to us could be a big part of that!  Often, scripture study won’t be about learning a new fact, rather it will be about feeling connected to Christ.  My scripture study lately has been very closely tied to that.  It has caused my pace to slow down remarkably as I am looking to connect to Christ on a daily basis.  Sometimes my reading consists of 1-2 verses  - I’m in Alma so I may be there for a couple years at this rate, but I’m OK with that because I’m consistently connecting to Christ through truths found in the scriptures.

WOW - 40 years for both President Oaks and Nelson in the apostleship.  6 functioning temples when President Nelson was born. I think there were only 10 more than that when I was born in 1972.  The purchase of the Kirtland Temple was SO huge!  I don’t think we fully appreciate the significance of that historic event with Priesthood keys being restored.  Life altering things took place there in 1836 - infinite and breathtaking, indeed!  “Without priesthood keys, the Church could serve only as a significant teaching and humanitarian organization but not much more.” 

I’ve had the privilege to teach from D&C 109 in the Kirtland Temple - pretty surreal experience to teach something like that where it originally took place.  I would echo President Nelson’s counsel to study it.

"How much does it increase your confidence to know that, as an endowed woman or man armed with the power of God, you do not have to face life alone?  What courage does it give you to know that angels really will help you?"

Time in the temple can help you see who you are and who you can become.

15 new temples - how cool is that?

I could be thought that “Temples” were indeed the theme of this Conference - and I don’t want to discount that at all.  The theme of this and every General Conference is connection to Jesus Christ and helping us all do just a little but better at that.

I think it served that purpose SO well.  Can’t wait to get in there and study these talks and see how to really connect with the Savior.

Thanks for letting me share - hope it has been helpful.  It has been for me.