April 2024 Sunday Morning Session Thoughts

Elder Vai Sikahema’s opening prayer to Sunday Morning's session starts off strong: “Help us to have the courage to act on what we hear and feel."

You can see the love in Elder Rasband's eyes when he thanks President Eyring.   I can only imagine the brotherhood that this special quorum has.

“Words matter a lot. They are the bedrock of how we connect”  First and foremost, the Lord’s words matter!  Those who know me know that I’m a word nerd and love to fuss over word meanings in the scriptures, so I absolutely appreciate what Elder Rasband is speaking about.  President Nelson has an amazing way with words. He has said: ‘Keep on the covenant path,’ ‘Gather Israel,’ ‘Let God prevail,’ and of course, ’Think Celestial’.  In an emoji filled world, our words matter.  "Talk is growing cheap, do not follow that pattern."

“Thank you. I am sorry and I love you” - Use these words often.  What a fantastic reminder.

I love Primary President Susan H. Porter’s words to Primary kids right out of the gate - Pray to know. Pray to grow. Pray to show.  Those wise gifts to ask for aren’t just for Primary kids.  When you know that Heavenly Father is real and that He loves you, you can live with courage and hope! ‘Pray, he is there; speak, he is listening.’

“Hubris never bodes well!”  In kayaking or in any aspect of life.  "If you keep paddling, maintaining your momentum, I think you'll do fine."  Again, in kayaking or in any aspect of life.  We become vulnerable when we slow down spiritually, and especially when we stop. Keep rowing towards Christ.  I’ve loved studying about “the Doctrine of Christ” a lot lately since reading 2 Nephi 31.  Enduring to the end is a “rinse, repeat” process that we should be improving on over and over again throughout our lives.  If we stop paddling, then little waves can knock us over.

"The Savior’s job is to heal. Our job is to love—to love and minister in such a way that others are drawn to Jesus Christ."

Trust is the threshold to all relationships. Our relationship with God will develop only to the degree that we will allow our trust in Him and the more we learn about God, the easier it will be to trust Him.  “Sometimes the best way to learn to trust God is simply by trusting Him."  Love these simple words from Elder Pieper.

Nephi’s Broken Bow references in this session: 2

Fun fact about Elder Pieper - he spoke in our Stake Conference many years ago.  He lost most of his 3rd and 4th fingers in a snow blower accident, so whenever he raised his right hand, it was in a perpetual “I love you” sign. 🤟

As I’ve said many time, Elder Kearon could read me anything and I would find it fascinating due to his pleasant voice.  “Behind every new apostle is an astonished mother in-law.” 😂.   “There are no roadblocks on the path back to our Heavenly Father, except for the ones you put there yourself.”  The plan of salvation is designed to bring you home, not keep you out.  God is in relentless pursuit of you.

“If you are prone to worry that you will never measure up or that the loving reach of Christ’s infinite atonement covers every one else but you, then you misunderstand. Infinite means infinite. Infinite covers you and the ones you love.” 

Elder Kearon already had my heart, but he made me love him even more today!

"God is in relentless pursuit of you".  Might be may favorite phrase of this Conference.

Funny tweet - “Patrick Keaton looks and sounds like he could play James Potter.”

Brian K. Taylor: May I borrow that accent for 10 minutes? 😂. He said what everyone was thinking, but I’m not sure he needed it because his words were very powerful.  "Coming to trust in God’s divine purposes breathes hope into weary souls and kindles determination in seasons of anguish and heartache….Brighter hope comes by envisioning our eternal destiny."

“His Eye is on the Sparrow”. What a beautiful song!

How does your Church differ from others?  “I have felt to speak about the purpose of these temples and the history and role of covenants in our worship.”  Covenant Makers wear reminders of those covenants -- i.e. judges, military personnel, doctors, public safety people, missionaries.  Love that comparison.  Covenants were pivotal in the restoration of the Church.  The Book of Mormon is filled with Covenants (see the Title Page).  President Oaks’ boldness is ALWAYS refreshing.

So, what makes our church different from others? Covenants!

I saw a funny tweet that is so true - “If I took a drink of water every time I heard the word “covenant” in this session, I’d easily get my gallon of water in”

And rightfully so!  Understanding the role of covenants in our life is SO crucial in our world right now.  Covenants don’t take a day off.

Words, Prayer, Momentum, Trust, Infinite, Hope, Covenants

WOW - lots to think about!  Must find snacks now!  See you in a few hours!