It’s no secret - Missionaries LOVE our BOMSocks!

Is it because they are super comfortable?  Of course!

Is it because they can express themselves in a stylish and fun way?  Yea, verily!

But, there is another reason that missionaries love BOMSocks.

I was meeting with our missionaries last week and one awesome Elder said, “Can I tell you why I love BOMSocks?”

Please do, young Elder!  Please do!

He said, “We were talking to a guy about the temple the other day and he asked what one looked like”

“I hiked up my pant leg and showed him the good old San Diego Temple and he thought it was SO cool and it led to the best conversation about the temple and the gospel.  We have a return appointment with him!”

And then he said what I would love to hear from all 16 million+ members of the church.

“I absolutely LOVE that I can use BOMSocks to help share the gospel!”

Preach, young wise Elder!  PREACH!

OK, that’s why we do what we do!

Are BOMSocks ridiculously comfortable, stylish, and fun?  Yup!

But this awesome Elder caught the vision of what we really hope will happen with BOMSocks!

Sadly, not everybody shares that vision.

I was talking to a recently released mission president’s wife who was telling me (respectfully, of course) that although “cute and fun” these are a distraction to the work and that plain, black or blue socks were the only way to go.

Again, respectfully - we couldn’t disagree more!

You’re probably wondering - can missionaries REALLY wear these?

In the new and updated official Missionary Handbook under “General Guidelines” it says

“Choose socks that match the color of your slacks or shoes. A blend of synthetic fabric and cotton or wool is best for absorbing moisture. Wear socks that are loose across the toes (excessive pressure from shoes and socks can lead to ingrown toenails). Do not wear no-show or ankle socks.” 

Some interpret that how they'd like and we respect that.  But, let’s see how we do…

“Socks that match the color of your slacks or shoes”
With over 40 designs, we can’t help but match (definition: “to correspond and team up with” any missionary outfit - whether it be proselyting during the week or prepping it up on P-day.

“A blend of synthetic fabric and cotton or wool”
Our socks are hand stitched by over 100 sweet grandmothers every day while they listen to The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square while occasionally taking breaks to bear testimony to each other. 😇 

OK, just kidding...they are actually a perfect combination of rayon, polyester to keep the designs always looking fresh, and a super soft cotton bottom that give them the most perfect cushioning and comfort. 

And with the most recent changes in June 2020 to the missionary clothing guidelines, we're confident that these will even play a more prominent role in your missionary's wardrobe and approachability.

So, bottom line...your favorite missionary NEEDS BOMSocks!  Let us know how we can help! :)