If you build it "THEY" will come.

Boy, has business ownership taught me many things over the past few years.


First off - It’s a fantastic self-improvement program.


Seriously, if you want to expose every character flaw that you have…build a business.


Second - I would also offer a kind warning for anyone who wants to create something.


Whether it be a business, a painting, a YouTube Channel, or even a family…


Know this, my friends…If you build it, they will come.


The “they” that I’m referring to are simply known as…THE HATERS.


The keyboard warriors. The lucky few who know everything about everything. The ones never short of a negative opinion.


Just know before you even start, that if you build it, they will come. Without question.


Like this response I received the other day to one of our ads on social media:


“Why am I getting advertising from this cult?  Seriously, this bozo just needs to get off my feed and go back to all of his wives!”



OK, not gonna lie - I did chuckle a little bit at the “wives” comment.


But really…a simple “not interested” or even just ignoring or hiding our ads would be just fine by me.


Now, whenever I see comments like that - the natural man in me wants to respond back with something clever and snarky, but somehow higher thinking most always prevails.


(OK, it might have also been a little gentle reminding from my good wife…)


But can you imagine this dude actually walking up to someone and saying that comment to them in person?


So, beware...if you build it, they will come.


But don’t let that ever discourage you or make you hold back from building something that you are passionate about.


Our thinking here at BOMSocks HQ is that if you are not attracting those that hate what you’ve built, then you’ll never attract those who love what you’ve built.


Honestly, we’re ok with a little hating here and there because it means we're getting our business and message out there to the world.


And seriously, the other 99% of our comments are filled with customers and fans that are so pumped about socks and our business that you’d think we were paying them to say all these nice things about us.


The excited missionary mom who has some cool socks to put in her son’s care package.


The “cheered-up” missionary who just got some really cool socks from home.   


The sweet grandma who is excited to see her grandkids love the gospel just a little more because of a cool message on a pair of socks.


So to all you entrepreneurs out there, or you Moms with a side hustle, or you kids trying to figure out who you are, or you Missionaries knocking on random doors…you’re doing a good thing.  Keep it up! 

Be bold about what you are doing and the difference you want to make in the world.


Build it, and let those haters come.


It often means that you’re doing a lot of good!