October 2021 General Conference Sunday Afternoon thoughts

Gerrit W. Gong has such a pleasant, gentle demeanor.  Whether we are coming home or going home, God is coming to meet us. In Him, we can find faith and courage, wisdom and discernment, to trust again.   I have always loved the phrase “Earth has no sorrow, that Heaven cannot heal”.  I remember seeing that very recently on a different church’s billboard when driving home.  I love the thought that God “CHOOSES not to remember” our past mistakes.  What a generous way to explain God’s ability and desire to forgive. Wonderful message!

I love the perspective of Humanitarian efforts from Sister Eubank last night and Bishop Budge today.  This is not the church just flexing and saying, “Look what we’ve done!”, but rather reminding us what we all should be individually doing to help others.  Sacrifice is less about giving up, and more about giving to the Lord.  And nice, “Give, Said the Little Stream” reference!

One thing that I have been reminded of as of late is that just because these men and women are faithful servants of the Lord, they are not immune to the trials of life and furnaces of affliction.  Anthony D. Perkins, definitely spoke with authenticity when he said, “I was given no reason for my illness, no indication of the ultimate outcome and no relief from the pain. I just felt of His pure love, and that was and is enough.”

If you’ve read “Atomic Habits”, you quickly recognized Michael A. Dunn’s reference to the unlikely success of the British cycling team.  For small gains to meaningfully aggregate, there needs to be a consistent daily effort. And I love the phrase “Muster this mustard-seed mentality”.

Sean Douglas is AT LEAST the 4th speaker to mention President Nelson’s quote about how joy isn’t determined by out circumstances but by our focus.  “Doubt is an enemy of faith and joy. Just as warm ocean water is the breeding ground for hurricanes, doubt is the breeding ground for spiritual hurricanes. Just as belief is a choice, so is doubt.”   Be like his 5 year-old granddaughter Ruby.  Be not afraid.  Jesus will hold your hand.   PREACH RUBY, PREACH!

What an awesome global perspective from Elder Carlos G. Revillo Jr. about the growth, faith, and the happy and abundant lives of the church members in the Philippines.  

Loved the examples of Alvin F. Meredith III about our focus.  “Focusing on the things that are most important, especially those things down the road, those eternal things, is a key to maneuvering through this life.”  And the adversary understands distractions don’t have to be evil to be effective. Our focus on Christ becomes more clear when we look down the road.

I’ve been looking ahead at D&C 115 for seminary and Come Follow Me, where the Church’s name was officially announced.  “The name of Jesus Christ church is non-negotiable.”  Increased faith and access to spiritual power will come as we use the correct name of the church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Thanks Elder Andersen for helping me with this future lesson.

“We have been given our charge for the next six months. Now, the question is, how will we be different because of what we have heard and felt?”  Too many voices in the world are deceptive and can pull us off the covenant path. I plead with you to counter the lure of the world by making time for the Lord in your life each and every day.

And 13 more temples always is so cool to hear!

On a personal note, I am so grateful to have prophetic direction on the earth today!   Not sure how I would function without it!

Thanks again for allowing me to lovingly spam you with my General Conference musings.  Take them for what they are worth. :)