October 2021 Saturday Morning General Conference thoughts

Welcome to October 2021 General Conference, my friends!  Thanks for allowing me to share my random, unfiltered, but hopefully helpful thoughts with you yet again this weekend.

So awesome to see things back to somewhat “normal” with the Conference Center and the TABCATS!

May I remind us all that President Nelson is 97!  His demeanor and energy is so youthful.  And yes, contrary to popular belief - “There really is such a thing as right and wrong.”

Could I ask for anything better than Elder Holland quoting CS Lewis?   In a would where there is ALL manner of divisions and subdivisions, what a beautiful declare ourselves to be “ALL IN”.  “In a world obsessed with being “ITES” and “old distinctions, limiting labels, and artificial divisions” - one transcendent identity - being Children of Christ will finally cause us to be a happy people.  The first great commandment to LOVE GOD gives us the power to follow the second great commandment TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR AS OURSELVES.  That really shouldn’t be such a rough cross to bear.

SIster Cordon’s message of knowing who you are and knowing your purpose is so relevant.  Satan does all he can to cause the children of God to forget who they are and they just get caught in the soccer nets of worldly distraction rather than binding ourselves to the Lord through covenants. 

Elder Soares (who turns 63 today!) taught so well that “one of the most striking principles taught by the Savior during His earthly ministry was treating others with compassion”.  As we love God, we will learn to be compassionate and less judgmental to his children.  Checking our own beams is a very worthy endeavor.  "Unlike you and me, Christ is capable of seeing all facets of a situation"

“Unconditional” is an interesting word, isn’t it?  I think it is one of the more misunderstood word, especially when we use it to describe God.  Does God freely love his children?  YEP!  But salvation and blessings are VERY conditional upon our willingness to repent and keep God’s commandments.  It comes with hope and expectations.  Elder Christofferson’s talk is such a pure way to show how God truly loves his children.

I’ll forgive Clark Gilbert’s (the current commissioner of Church Education) use of math in a sacred environment…because it was way cool to show how Jesus Christ sees our potential!  While the world focuses on our intercept, God focuses on our slope.  Don't let your starting point define you.  Focus on where you are headed with the Lord’s help of helping you change that slope.

Elder Patriciio Giuffra (he’s 59, by the way…) was so filled with love and kindness.  God hears you.  He listens.  He cares.

“If we cease valuing our churches, for any reason, we threaten our personal spiritual life and significant numbers separating themselves from God reduces His blessings to our nations.”  I actually shared this same message just a few days ago in my institute class about the importance of being part of “the body of Christ”, and how to become one with those around us, not just trying to figure out how we can selfishly benefit from it.  Do I go to church for my own sake, or do I go to serve others? Am I active in making a positive difference in people's lives?  Thank you, as always President Oaks!

No matter how much we want to show support and compassion to others, we can never TRULY love and see the potential of our neighbor until we FIRST love God with all our hearts.

Pure truth, the Pure doctrine of Christ, Pure Revelation INDEED!