October 2022 Sunday Afternoon Thoughts



“May He come quickly.” -Brad Wilcox’s opening prayer.  Amen!

Am I the only one who never tires of seeing President Eyring’s facial expressions and fist bumps?   President Eyring’s mother nails it right our of the gate - “Oh, Hal, of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be. Life is a test.”  I love his testimony of miracles and charity…and his tender words about his good wife.


OK, you know you are getting old when the speakers in General Conference are starting to be younger than you.  


Elder Ryan Olsen (age 48).  His words were so good!  “Don’t worry, you belong”. “The answer to the simplest questions and the most complex problems is always the same: Jesus Christ.” "It is all going to be okay, because it is His work." “Satan is the author of confusion. The Savior is the master of simplicity.” 


Elder Jonathan Schmitt (age 49) asked a great question “Which of Jesus’ names should I take upon myself this week?” The Good Shepherd?  The High Priest of Good Things to Come? (one of my personal faves) The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever? (Another favorite) The Holy One of Israel?  Faithful and True?  “As we come to know Jesus’ many names, we will come to better understand his divine mission and his selfless character. Knowing his many names also inspires us to become more like him.” 


“Don’t give up on Jesus. He will never give up on you.”


Elder Mark D. Eddy’s (also 49 - and also there to balance out Elder Olsen’s curly locks 😂) questions were also awesome. "Does your soul ache for illumination? Are you seeking to cut through all the cunning and snares of the devil, to disperse the clouds of confusion, and focus more singularly on the covenant path?  Please try the virtue of the word of God" 



"I discovered I was proud of my religion."  Nice job, teenage Kevin!  I don’t think there has ever been so many opportunities to bear our testimony to so many people.  I’m a huge proponent of the higher and holier sharing on Social Media and love seeing others do the same.  Our world needs it!   Don’t be ashamed.  Just love, share, and invite - just like Elder Stevenson shared in April Conference.


Elder Isaac K. Morrison (best tie of the Conference…and 5 years younger than me…) and his two rules for life are so wise!  I appreciated his humor and positivity amidst the tragedy of losing a child.  Bitterness can disperse as we exercise faith and we can be filled with joy, peace, and cheer during tough, trying times. 


Heber C. Kimball is a church history hero of mine so I love any story about him.  His quote “The time will come when no man nor woman will be able to endure on borrowed light” has been reiterated many times throughout this whole conference.  "When spirit speaks to spirit, the imprint upon the soul is far more difficult to erase."  Sadly, anger and abusive language have replaced reason, discussion, and civility.   Thank goodness for daily repentance.


18 new temples in a worldwide church making the total 300!  So awesome!


And when President Nelson says “I LOVE YOU!”…I feel it!


Thanks for letting me bombard your social media feed with my testimony and thoughts about one of the two greatest weekends of the the year!