October 2023 Saturday Evening

Saturday Evening session

“Lead Kindly Light” is one of my favorite hymns, and the YSA from Utah County brought it!  Nice job, guys!

How do we become “Professors of Happiness”?  Elder Gary Sabin had some great counsel, along with some great one-liners.  “Many things are interesting, few are truly important.” “There is no way we can move with the crowd and conversely with Jesus.” “We will never regret being too kind. In God's eyes, kindness is synonymous with greatness.” “I actually like the smell of tobacco at church. It means someone is trying to change”. “You will never be happier than you are grateful.”

And the Archery Merit badge story?  Beautiful! 

When we choose not to be humble we end up being humiliated. According to Preach My Gospel it is a "willingness to submit to the will of the Lord. It is being teachable. It is a vital catalyst for spiritual growth."  And Elder Joni L. Koch’s taxi driver gets Best Supporting Conference Speaker. “When you've done everything you can, leave the rest up to the Lord.”

Missionary Taxi stories count: 3 (so far…)

Fun fact about Sister Tamara Runia…she grew up in the same city that I was born - Walnut Creek, CA.  And her hubby played basketball for BYU back in the day.  "As humans, we have an earthbound point of view, but God sees the grand overview of the universe. He sees all creation, all of us, and is filled with hope."  Families are a God given laboratory where we are figuring things out. No home is a failure if you keep trying! 

Her talk had strong Ted Talk vibes.  And smacking the mic always adds to power of any talk. 

“Everything is going to be OK” count: 2 (so far…)

“My dear friends, I can assure you that the light of a new day shines brighter in our lives when we see and treat our fellow beings with respect and dignity and as true brothers and sisters in Christ.”  When you can look into the face of a man and see him a brother, it is a new day.  Beautiful words from Elder Soares.

Racist and prejudiced thoughts and actions have no place in the community of Saints.

Saw a great quote on the socials that summed up Elder Soares’ talk well…

“Jesus was GREAT at engaging with people that weren’t thought to be “his” people.  But boy, were they wrong.” 😇

Excellent session!  Everyone nailed it!

Well, I’m hungry - and pizza is waiting.  See you tomorrow!