October 2023 Sunday Afternoon Session

Can’t believe it’s the last session - Time flies!


Love Elder Renlund’s tying in the finding King Tut’s burial spot to “looking beyond the mark” in the book of Jacob.  Are we ignoring the “gold” that is right under our feet?  Jesus Christ is our treasure. Treasure the gift of repentance. Jesus is the mark. Jesus is the answer. Don't make it more complicated than that.


John C. Pingree Jr.

“Our need to recognize truth has never been more important.  Truth is critical for us to establish and strengthen our relationship with God, find peace and joy, and reach our divine potential.  God is the source of eternal truth and reveals doctrinal truths through Prophets, taught with love.  Powerful words from Elder Pingree to a world that loves subjective and relative truth.  Love without truth is hollow.


I love the passion in Elder Valeri V. Cordon’s voice.  Parents enter a partnership with Heavenly Father to guide His precious children back to Him.  Which is so comforting because creating a gospel culture is both necessary…and so difficult at times.  This world is so loud and distracting.  A sobering question is “What is the predominant culture in my home?” We must climb to a higher cultural ground in our families.


Elder J. Kimo Esplin’s story about the faith of the widowed Okinowan sister who joined the Church was inspiring.  So blessed to have so many temples so close by.  Temples can be the great unifier.


I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the “5 Love Languages” concept, but I really appreciated Elder Gong’s talk on Three Gospel Love Languages of warmth and reverence, service and sacrifice, and covenant belonging. 


OH, and I’ve always thought that a restaurant called “The Stake (Steak) Center” would crush it…at least in Utah.


For the record, Pres. Absolutely nails it when he announces General Authority names from other countries.  Case in point…Elder Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier (whose light suit and gold/purple paisley tie combo wins best Conference Fit award).  Love his talk!  Seeing past labels and identities is so crucial in our divisive world today.  “I have come to realize that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the great equalizer.”   And it’s been a minute since I’ve heard a good CS Lewis quote in Conference.


And yes, Twitter was going crazy with the Elder Giraud-Carrier/Vizzini from Princess Bride comparisons.  Inconceivable!


So good to hear from President Nelson!  I still feel like was here every session with all of the quotes referring to previous lessons from him. 


What have I learned in a century of living?  “Heavenly Fathers plan for us is fabulous. What we do in this life really matters. The Saviors Atonement makes this plan possible.”  “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” is absurd.  Think Celestial!   I love how similar his message was to what President Oaks taught on Saturday.  Agency is a key element to God’s plan and we are invited to think Celestial and keep an eternal perspective.  Public opinion is not the arbiter of truth.


"Think Celestial” is a profound reminder that by keeping our thoughts aligned with God's plan, we gain perspective and a sense of control. This divine connection empowers us, making our journey through life more meaningful.  I’ve been reading a business book that talks about how focusing on your future determines how you live your present.  This goes so well with President Nelson’s beautiful message.


And what can help us think Celestial?   20 new temples!


God is good, my friends! 


Thanks for letting me clutter your feed with my quickly put together thoughts.  Can’t wait to study these words to guide me for the next 6 months.