October 2022 Saturday Afternoon Thoughts

Here are some brief thoughts I had as I watched Saturday Afternoon's Session of General Conference.  These aren't meant to be deep doctrinal musings - just some simple thoughts to any who enjoyed Conference as much as I did.

Round TWO!


Loved that missionary choir…so cool seeing all the seasoned veterans along with the youngsters!


OH, and I sustain! 🙋🏻‍♂️


I always love hearing President Ballard’s awesome testimony - that man has almost 94 years of faithful pioneering of his own.  All pioneers - whether you’re a young missionary or an Apostle, follow Jesus Christ “the ultimate pioneer in preparing the way”, with faith in every footstep.


My kids were asking about Sister Kristen Yee - fun fact, she is an accomplished artist including working for Disney and managing the Church’s animation team.  I loved her use of the story of Abigail from the Old Testament along with her own tender story of forgiveness and healing. “As my love for the Savior has grown, so has my desire to replace hurt and anger with His healing balm.”  And I loved her simple declaration “God is THAT good!”


I’ve had the privilege of having Paul V. Johnson in my seminary class.  He is a wonderful man and an amazing teacher.  The story of his grandson being saved by his brother’s blood was very applicable to how the Savior works with us, as we prepare ourselves properly.  We NEED the blood of Christ to be transformed.


Elder Soares gave the world a gentle, but important reminder.  Men and women have different, but equally important roles in marriage.

They both need to work together to bring their families back to God.  Nurturing and presiding are overlapping responsibilities and opportunities that both spouses should do.


The story of the man “borne of four” is such a cool story.  Loved Elder McConkie’s observation of it.  Seek to see Jesus as he is, not as we want him to be.  Each of us have a role in the building of the kingdom.  We each have a corner to carry.   Sometimes I’m the carrier and sometimes I am the one being carried.  I am thinking about how Christ deals with interruptions. He helps and doesn't get irritated. He pivots gracefully and is patient.


Interesting to hear the gospel from the perspective of a civil engineer - Elder Zeballos.  Earthquakes will occur in our lives no matter what we do. But we can design 'structures' in our lives that can resist the effects of said earthquakes with minimal or no damage.  Do I have scriptures readily in my mind to quote when temptation presents itself? 


Did anyone see President Eyring just pump his fists in excitement as Elder Christofferon got up to speak?  Epic!


I absolutely love the doctrine of belonging.  The gospel net gathers from every nation and every people. Zion is being established simultaneously on every continent and every neighborhood.  And it is happening naturally as we invite other s to come unto Christ.  We may at times feel that we don't fit in or measure up but Christ looks upon our hearts and He knows our desires. 


“Much of our belonging comes from our service. The sacrifices we make for others and for the Lord.”


“Belonging comes not as we wait for It but as we reach out to help one another.“


Whether it be in the church, or in any organization.  If you want to feel like you belong - do these to things!  I believe this 100%!


My analysis of the first two sessions?   “Wait…no. This one! THIS is my favorite talk.” - me, after every talk… :)