April 2023 Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

We believe in Christ and we are given the scriptures to direct our lives. I’m totally OK having President Oaks read the scriptures to me.   I love that President Oaks is unafraid to teach and quote directly from the scriptures and then allow us to feast on them. Just thinking about the prayer and revelation that must have gone into selecting each of these passages for us to hear.  He is indeed a Special Witness of Jesus Christ!  Oh, and this talk may have the record for most footnotes when it comes out in the Gospel Library app.


From Twitter…“Hey Chat GPT…create a talk that Jesus would give at a General Conference!” 😂


"What matters most is what lasts the longest."  Sister Ballard was a very wise woman.  What Matters Most?  Our relationship with our Heavenly Father, Family relationships/extended family/friends, Following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and being converted to the Lord. Testifying of him and serving Him.  94 year-old President Ballard can tenderly and nostalgically offer me life lessons anytime!


The king of Ghana is in attendance? So cool!  The phrase “Welcome, Your Majesty” sounded awesome coming from Elder Rasband!  Are we seeing the fulfillment of D&C 1:23?   In celebrating Palm Sunday, we should also remember the Savior's palms of his hands and how he has graven us upon those palms.  Christ's final week exemplifies fulfillment of prophecy.  I love the idea of filling our lamps and our bucket lists with oil in the form of Jesus Christ.


Perfectionism is not the same as being perfected in Christ. Man, I could have used Elder Stanfill’s talk last week when I taught Matthew 14, but it also provides a great benediction to what we all studied this last week.  "...the Savior may have said something like this...I love you dear Peter; you got out of the boat. Your offering is acceptable and even though you faltered, I will always be there to lift you from the depths, and your offering will be made perfect.”  Love that so much!


“Our clumsy efforts can lead to miracles” might be my favorite quote of the whole Conference!


I take great comfort in the thought the Jesus wept even though he knew he would raise Lazarus.  He knows the end but will comfort us in our pain.  Elder Bassett’s reminder that as we move forward in faith, the fourth day will always come is so relevant.  Christ is NEVER too late!  “Watch for miracles to happen in your life.”


I reiterate everything I said about Elder Corbitt yesterday!  I remember having a seminary student ask me the same question that he posed, “Why did Jesus have to die?”  Physical Death and Spiritual Death must both be overcome and then quoted John 3:16.  I love how clearly he stated this.  The pure doctrine of Christ is powerful. It changes the lives of those who understand it and implements it in their lives.  Looking forward to many years of hearing from him.


Elder Bednar is so good at taking a word or a phrase and running with it.  I appreciate what he taught me about what it means to “abide” in and walk with Christ.  To remain fixed, stable, enduring, without yielding.  It means to stay forever.  "The Savior's promise to his followers is twofold: if we abide in Him, He will abide in us."  And as we walk in and with Him, we will be blessed to bring forth much fruit."


The main reason we celebrate Christmas is because of Easter. I love how President Nelson’s words go right back to the first talk of the Conference from Elder Stevenson regarding how we should reverence and observe Easter.  “Come unto Him so that He can heal you.”  And such a smooth transition to the building of 15 new temples!


I'm pretty sure Palm Sunday has been mentioned more during this Conference than all the General Conferences combined.


And it was SO awesome!  God is good, my friends!   So grateful to be a part of this Church and I’m grateful to have had answers to my questions.  Thanks for letting me share this experience with you!