October 2023 Saturday Morning Thoughts

OK, my friends - Conference recap time! Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to disseminate my scattered and mostly coherent thoughts about each session.

October 2023 General Conference comes out swinging for the fences with Elder Bednar’s inspired words to those who will never be famous, but “in the path of their duty”, are building a Godly life. Each of our contributions no matter how seemingly small or unrecognized is seen by our Savior and Father. They do not go unnoticed by them. "Most of the best people who ever lived weren't famous either" Nursery leaders, sleep-deprived mothers, and millions of others are “no less serviceable” than anyone else. “They of the last wagon” are the strength of the Church.

The phrase “Everything is going to be OK” has always meant a lot to me, but Sister Amy Wright just gave it so much more meaning. Every family has their struggles and sometimes it is hard to see how we will “abide the day”. I do not know your family. But a God with infinite love, mercy, power, knowledge, and glory does.

And yes, everything is going to be OK.

“Spiritual Face Blindness” is a concept that I have never really considered. Are we spiritually face blind? Do we see God only as a thicket of rules in which we must find our way through so that we don’t see his love in his commandments? Covenants are about relationships and are in the shape of God’s embrace. And as Elder Robert M. Daines kindly reminded me - The answer is ALWAYS Jesus, and that is VERY good news!

I love Elder Carlos A. Godoy’s bold, but kind and loving words to those who may have fallen away from the Church for whatever reason. "Shouldn't we be more valiant and less lukewarm for our own sake, and for the sake of our posterity? Will our current decisions lead us to joy now and in eternity, or will they lead us to sorrow and tears?” Anything broken can be mended by Jesus Christ.

What is the purpose of the gathering? One purpose is the protection of the Lord's people. I love how Elder Christofferson focused on the ordinances of the priesthood that will validate all of out efforts to gather on both sides of the veil. Once we understand the purpose of the gathering and the importance of linking and connecting eternal families, our lives has new meaning to it for all involved. The very reason the earth was created was so that families could be formed and sealed together forever.

Oh, and June 20, 1996 has always been my favorite date - good to have that validated!

Compassion is such a wonderful attribute of Christ. It is born of love for others and knows no boundaries. Jesus, the Savior of the world, is the epitome of compassion. Elder Ardern’s brilliant statement “Compassion does not require us to know them, it only requires us to love them” is such timely counsel.

I’m amazed about how often President Oaks refers to God as “Our Loving Heavenly Father” and wants everyone to know how much God loves all of His children and how through Jesus Christ, all things are possible. Our Heavenly Father has prepared many mansions for his children. He wants us to all return to Him. All kingdoms have a law given and the kingdom of glory that we receive in the final judgment is determined by the laws we follow in our mortal journey. The word “comfortably abide” is a wonderful phrase. What a beautiful Plan that completely honors agency - and I’m so grateful for President Oaks’ clear testimony of it.

Time for our Conference charcuterie board! Can’t wait until Saturday afternoon!