The Vegas' LDS Themed Temple Socks by BOMSocks
The Vegas'
The Vegas'

The Vegas'

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OK, picture this!  You know how it goes - you get a free trip to Las Vegas for attending one of those time-share presentations, but it's down on The Strip!  So loud and so full of all kinds of excess!  You can barely hear yourself think!

Well, just head up the road a bit to the most quiet and peaceful place in town with one of the most beautiful temples in operation. 

We tried to portray that same experience in this super cool looking pair of BOMSocks.

Heavenly Blend Comfort

The nylon and polyester top with ultra-soft moisture-wicking cotton footbed means all-day comfort. It's like you're walking on clouds.

Expression of Faith

With dozens of vibrant designs to choose from you can literally be a walking witness of God showing both your faith and personality.

The Perfect Gift

Need a faith-centered and useful gift? BOMSocks are a hit and guaranteed win. Give for birthdays, holidays, baptisms, mission farewells or just because.

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